3 years in office: Nigerians pass verdict on Buhari’s government


As the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari clocks three on May 29, most Nigerians from all walks life have rated his government abysmally low in critical sectors of the nation’s life. More than 50 per cent of almost 1000 respondents in an opinion poll by Tribune’s Facebook page, scored the government below average in economy, infrastructure, security, agriculture and power. A large percentage of the respondents felt the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government had failed in lifting Nigerians out of the doldrums, despite its promises to turn the country’s fortune around, with some of them also scoring the president low on corruption and rule of law. Only 25 per cent of the respondents gave the administration a pass mark, while 25 per cent were indifferent. Aggregate of opinions expressed as of Saturday evening are presented as follows.

Nasir Bello

Those who said Buhari has failed are enemies of democracy. They never voted for President Buhari in 2015. So, they should keep their opinion to themselves and save us the worthless and baseless score sheet. Come 2019, we shall do it again. PMB ALL THE WAY.

Emmanuel Oyedele

The president rebuilding process is yielding progress in the area of economy, power generation and distribution/transportation via railway, road construction and rehabilitation. Ecological funds released and used for the purpose it was meant for while housing, granting relief funds to states to offset backlog of salaries, agricultural inputs for farmers to have bumper harvest. He is also resolving the issue of terrorists by deploying soldiers to confront them.

Alaba Kolapo Olowolekomo

President Buhari’s government deserves a pass mark.Save for the corrupt people who are fighting back under the guise of herdsmen by causing insecurity to distract the government and cause unrest. I will give my vote to him come 2019.

Charles Pwajok

The ‘mighty and untouchables’ are falling. If this government will continue till 2023, I think sanity would be restored in the system. Buhari’s government has scored 90 per cent in all sectors.

Abubakar Saidu

The anti-corruption war of this administration is commendable. Those who looted the treasury are being brought to justice . The fight against Boko Haram is yielding positive results as there is no local governments under the control of the sect. The economic diversification drive is gaining momentum. He brought the economy out of recession in a short period of time. PMB must come back in 2019.

Dauda Ayodele

Buhari’s government is fantastically corrupt and has failed woefully in all aspects of governance. Nigerians have learnt their lesson and will send Buhari’s government away in 2019.

Prince Charles Chukwu

Anyone that gives a pass mark to this failed administration should have his brain examined. President Buhari’s government remains a failure. The administration scored zero in security, infrastructure, and others.

Christian Arinze


If truth must be told, the President Buhari-led government has failed. The things he said he would tackle are out of control. Insecurity, killings of innocent Nigerians. In a civilised country, Buhari would have been impeached by now.

Pelemo Alabi


The outcome of 2019 elections will show whether Buhari has failed or done well. If he returns elected, it means he has done well but if he is not re-elected, he has failed.

Ademola Lawrence

We should commend Buhari. Who among our past leaders did what he has done? Why did President Jonathan lose to Buhari in 2015? The former President knew his time was up even before election results were released.

Michael Kolade

President Buhari has failed Nigerians. Mindless killings of Nigerians by herdsmen was the height of it. There is also alleged ethnic cleansing in Benue and Kaduna states; underage school girls are being kidnapped. For me, Buhari has been a disaster.

Sebastine Cele

Buhari has failed in the areas of economy and security. The rate at which people are being killed is alarming. His alleged fight against corruption is simply persecution of members of the opposition political parties.

Onyeka Austine

Buhari’s government is failure exemplified. It has failed in all ramifications; from security, to economy, anti-corruption, national unity/cohesion, rule of law, respect for democratic institutions, electricity, foreign policy, everywhere and in every way.

Ogundeji Adekunle

I’m happy that Buhari won the 2015 presidential election because then they had called him the saviour of Nigeria. He failed in security, economy and the health sector. The worst part is the educational sector.

Neyo Banjo

Corruption is massively going on under the nose of Mr integrity, but he has concentrated on fighting…?

Obrogo Cruis

Buhari’s administration is a disaster. The Naira is in its lowest level ever. Inflation is high. A bag of rice in the past, is N24,000 since the inception of this government.

Adeosi Ahmed

Total failure…..Whosever dwells in corruption cannot fight corruption, if buhari want to fight corruption with sincerity, he should convict himself and all his party members first; it is only challatans, miscreants, and illiterates that are celebrating Corruption fight by the present administration. People should check corruption index in the world under this administration. apc should stop fooling themselves in corruption fight.

Frank Eze

Buhari government is a total failure; the fight against corruption is just against the opposition. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Therefore, making life miserable for the masses. The rule of law is not observed in anyway. So, this is the worst government the nation has ever witnessed.

Daniel Olawale


The primary purpose of any reasonable government is to secure lives and property of its citizens. He promised to fight corruption; yet, no one has been jailed.Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, during his time, jailed a former Inspector General of Police (IGP). Where is the federal character in his appointments? All the security chiefs are from the north. This, for me, is nepotism. He has failed in education sector because nothing has been done to improve the standard in the sector.

Abel Joseph

His government is a total failure. His claim that he has technically defeated Boko harm has been faulted. Under his watch, the economy almost went under unemployment is high and education is in a sorry state. Corruption is worse under his administration than other past leaders.

Jamilu Brd

I am really satisfied that Muhammad Buhari is the only president that can rebuild Nigeria without looting the treasury.

Umar Wodi Attahiru

President Buhari should b given a pass mark if not excellent. He has fulfilled his three campaign promises; the anti-corruption fight is yielding result, security has improved and the economy has bounced back with the injection of fund by the Federal Government.

Muhammad Inusa


Buhari’s government has kept to its promises. Having him as the president of the country at this time is a blessing.

Olusegun Kehinde

Buhari’s government has not fared better in the last three years. When one looks at critical sectors of the economy, there’s nothing to write home about in what we have seen so far. His corruption fight is a failure.

It has never been this bad for the country. People are being killed on a daily basis and nobody could tell us what is being done to stop the problem. The state of insecurity is alarming. His policies led the country into recession and it took the grace of God for the economy to bounce back.

Musa Abdullahi

The government of President Buhari has achieved a lot in three years, especially in agriculture. Power generation and distribution have also improved greatly. Farmers are singing the praises of the president daily. Come 2019, the APC has my vote already.

John Faosheke

The government of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Professor Yemi Osinbajo should remain focused on the re-birth mission of Nigeria with focus on infrastructural development such as-roads, railway and other environmental issues that will raise the standard of living of the people.

Ezra Fagbemi

Buhari has failed in the area of security and health. Health worker are currently on strike and people are dying as a result of the strike action that has paralysed activities in medical institutions across the country. This is a big low on the part of the government. The economy appears to be improving gradually but, many people are dying of hunger and poverty. The corruption in the system is endemic. The president needs to do more.

Nick Ojinigbo

Nigeria cannot continue like this. Everything appears to be in a state of coma. The fight against corruption is only aimed at the perceived enemies of the president. The government is not winning the fight against corruption and insecurity. This government has no iota of respect for the rule of law.

Eze Martin Chinedu

The Fulani herdsmen and miyetti Allah should be declared terrorists for unleashing mayhem on Benue people. Someone claims responsibility for any attack and another one is defending them, saying either they are foreigners and that they use only sticks. Buhari has failed in every ramification.

Success Daniel

For every word we say, we shall be judged by it. If Buhari thinks that the promised of putting food on the table of Nigerians by improving economy and stopping incessant killings and insecurity in the country, he has justify his promise, so be It.

Jamilu Brd

I am really satisfied with what President Buhari has done to rebuild the country in the last three years. He’s the only one that could fix the country and he has done well.

Abiodun Fakeye

Most of the people who are saying Buhari has failed, are ignorant of the problems he met when he came on board as the president of Nigeria. Despite the scarce resources at his disposal, he is rebuilding the country through massive investment in infrastructural development. Power supply has also improved greatly. NPower has provided employment for many Nigerian youths. The school feeding programme is also a very kind initiative.

The business environment has never been this good because he sanitised the system.

Chima Uzoeshi

Buhari has failed completely in his fight against corruption. He’s is not intellectually sound to handle the affairs of the country.

Umar Wodi Attahiru

President Buhari should be given a pass mark. He has fulfilled his campaign promises. The anti-corruption fight is yielding result. Boko Haram has been decimated in the North East. The economy has also improved greatly.

Muhammad Inusa


President Buhari’s government has kept to its promises to the people. He should continue till 2023

Kritz Okaiwele

This is the worst government Nigeria has ever had. He, has been wasting tax payers money on the treatment of his failing health abroad.

Alabi Kolapo

No government in the history of Nigeria has given infrastructural developments the needed attention as the current government. Almost all the sectors have been touched. The recovery of money from the looters of our commonwealth is unprecedented, despite the gang up of the corrupt elite.


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