About Us

KWARARAFA REPORTERS is an online newspaper under the registered platform of CLOCKWORK MEDIA MINDERS. It promises to uphold all the fine virtues of the journalism profession of objectivity, fairness and accuracy. We hope to project the Nigerian story from the point of view of the Middle Belt parts of the North and other muffled voices in the polity who do not have access to expressions.

“Kwararafa” itself is a reference to the ancient Jukun empire that was famous for its rulers and warriors who conquered most of the areas in present day Nigeria and later resisted domination. Kwararafa is thus symbolic of resistance, bravery and adventure- virtues we hope to bring into news telling.

Again, we seek to tell all the stories with all sense of decency and honesty. Our watch words would remain “fair and balance” as we project the voice of the people.

Emmanuel Bello

About the publisher

Emmanuel Bello was the commissioner of Information, culture and tourism, Taraba state. A 1994 graduate of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Bello had edited the LEADERSHIP newspaper. He has also held top editorial positions in the THISDAY and DAILY TRUST newspaper. He was briefly the Editor in Chief of LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPERS before starting KWARARAFA REPORTERS.

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